Sunday, March 1, 2009

2007 "Shouldawonit" Oscars

Same drill. Here's a list (actual winners are in parenthesis):

BEST ACTOR (Daniel Day-Lewis):
Daniel Day-Lewis (3 votes)

BEST ACTRESS (Marion Cotillard):
Cate Blanchett (2 votes)
Ellen Page (1 vote)

P. T. Anderson (3 votes)

BEST PICTURE (No Country For Old Men):
There Will Be Blood (2 votes)
No Country For Old Men (1 vote)


T. Azimuth Schwitters said...

Day-Lewis is an easy pick for Actor: that was the best male performance in at least ten years. I'm going with Cate Blanchett for Best Actress for her work in I'M NOT THERE. She was excellent, and her part was significant enough to qualify her. It was also the best female performance of the year, so it has that going for it. Anderson is my director pick and THERE WILL BE BLOOD is my pick for best picture. Bottom line: I'll watch and rewatch that film more than any other from last's damn, damn rich. One note: I did really dig NO COUNTRY and ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES...they just had the bad fortune of coming out the same year as TWBB.

Gaston Monescu said...


Blanchett can't win for Best Actress; she got nominated for BA for Elizabeth (which sucked). She was in a supporting role category for I'm Not There. Cotillard was in a middling movie, though her performance reached histrionic heights. I say Ellen Page gets the nod. Give it to a comedy for once!

Director: Anderson

Picture: I think I've dried up TWBB in two viewings, Azimuth. It may look like a gusher, but it's milkshake has already been sucked dry. Do you want me to keep on using oil and milk-based drink analogies, because I can! No Country, because I've watched it twice since it came out on DVD and it's still great. The most quality rewatchable film I've seen in some time.

Joseph Wyatt said...

Actress: wow, looking back this is a pretty weak category. I think I'm with you on this one Kenny, I don't really care if Blanchett was nominated for supporting or not this was easily the best performance by an actress in 07. Besides Winslet won best supporting actress for The Reader this year at the GG, then was nominated for best actress at the Oscars.

Actor: Daniel Day Lewis, easy. no one even close.

Director/Picture: in 07 I would of told you No Country, was the best film and best directed. But I have to say at this point my opinion of There Will Be Blood increases day by day, second by second even. While No Country remains relatively the same. So PTA, and There Will Be Blood.

T. Azimuth Schwitters said...

Here are my thoughts on the actress/supporting actress debate: since we're not even discussing 'supporting' roles here, why not just say we'll give the award to the male/female who turned in the best performance, in any context and with any amount of screen time, of the year?

And Gaston, as for NCFOM, I like it a lot, but I simply don't believe you when you say TWBB is 'dried up'...yeah, NCFOM has that headscratcher ending and (if you read the book) a few more talking points that endure, but purely in terms of its quality as a film, it just doesn't measure up to the richness (oh, the crude richness) of TWBB. NCFOM will have to drill elsewhere; my heart has been tapped.