Sunday, March 1, 2009

2008 "Shouldawonit" Oscars

That's it: I'm throwing down the gauntlet. Gaston, we talked the other night about a new list project: the "Shouldawonit Oscar Awards." We take the 4 Big Categories--Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Picture--and we list the REAL winners for each year. I think the smart way to do this is to work backwards from 2008. So, let's get to it: I declare this post the post for 2008. Let's use the comments section to actually haggle the nominees. I'll keep a running tally of vote-getters here in the main post.

Mickey Rourke (3 votes)

Kate Winslet (3 vote)

Danny Boyle (3 votes)

Man On Wire (1 vote)
Slumdog Millionaire (1 vote)
There Will Be Blood (1 vote). Yep.


Joseph Wyatt said...

For the most part I think the Oscars did a pretty good job for the first time in a while. My main complaint would be Rourke getting screwed though Penn was pretty excellent.

I like Kate Winslet as best actress not for "The Reader" but for "Revolutionary Road".

Since I felt like "Slumdog" was the best film of the year I have no complaints about Mr. Boyle or the best picture win.

So not a lot to gripe about. I guess my main issue would be with the actual nominees other than the winners.

T. Azimuth Schwitters said...

I like Rourke and I like Boyle--even though I didn't think SLUMDOG was even a top 5 film, it was nonetheless the most impressive directorial effort of the year. I haven't seen Winslett in either of her two big films from this past year, but I don't think any other women I saw this year were all that great, so I'll defer the category. As for Picture, I'm going with the movie that still stands in my mind as the most impressive and prescient bit of filmmaking in 2008: MAN ON WIRE.

Gaston Monescu said...

I would have put Langella ahead of Penn in the actor category. Rourke is the clear winner.

Actress? Winslet, though I'm glad it was for The Reader and not Revolutionary Road.

Director: Boyle.

Picture: Can we go back a year and give There Will be Blood the nod a year hence?

Joseph Wyatt said...

See Kenny, Man on Wire I can live with if you call that your best film of the year. One of the few acceptable answers possibly given. I do also think Man on Wire is a better film than any other nominee, with the exception of Slumdog of course.