Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rated, Over and Under

Laura Linney, a perfectly acceptable three star actress...

That's the assertion I'm building this post on. Let's forget individual best lists for awhile and start making larger categories. Four star, three star, two star, one star, etc. actors and actresses...

Who is rated (perfectly in tune with their critical legacy)? Who is overrated? Who is underrated? How do you choose?

For example:

Four Stars:
DeNiro, Brando, Streep, Hepburn, Stewart

Three Stars:
Bale, Crowe, Linney, Depp, Winslett, Kilmer (underrated in my book)

Two Stars:
Wayne, Pitt, Clooney, Portman, Johannson (overrated in my book)

One Star:
Keanu Reeves, Diaz, Roberts

Zero Stars:
LeBlanc, Alba, Van Damme

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T. Azimuth Schwitters said...

Hmm, interesting thought here, and one I'll try to take up in a post later today/tonight. But 2 stars for Wayne? That's ice cold...although, with the names you're dropping in the 3 star category, I think I can understand. Maybe we should open this up to half stars, too? 1 star seems pretty harsh for Roberts, but fine for Diaz/Reeves...Similarly, Johannson's got no business in Pitt/Clooney company (both of whom have been doing good work the last few years). I like the general premise, though.

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