Friday, January 16, 2009

Top Ten Actors

AFI says this:

1. Marlon Brando
2. Laurence Olivier
3. Robert DeNiro
4. James Stewart
5. Alec Guinness
6. Humphrey Bogart
7. Gregory Peck
8. Jack Nicholson
9. Henry Fonda
10. Spencer Tracy

What say you? Give me a list and we can talk about it.


T. Azimuth Schwitters said...

Obviously, I'm 'for' Brando...I also dig Stewart, DeNiro, Nicholson...and a lot of the other names are worth thinking about. Some early problems, one worth thinking about and the other a potential game-changer (and thus the subject of a perhaps-tangential debate): Where are the contemporary actors? The youngest of this bunch is DeNiro, and he started acting in the late 60s. And second: where are the women? Let's remind ourselves that "actor" is a gender-neutral term. Should we differentiate? Are these two different lists we should make?

Okay, those are early reactions--I'll ponder this for a few hours and try to get a list up soon.

Gaston Monescu said...

Living Actors (no particular order):

Meryl Streep
Robert DeNiro
Benicio Del Toro
Charlize Theron
Cate Blanchett
Christian Bale
Judi Dench
Angela Bassett
Johnny Depp
Philip Seymour Hoffman